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Everything needs to be done through email but when your ready to open an account ALL lines are magically opened and someone is there to help answer questions. This customer service is 24/10/ · AMP Trading is an unregulated brokerage that offers trading in forex and cryptocurrencies via the managed accounts listed above. It allegedly uses the MetaTrader 5 AMP has also a legal entity based in the EU called AMP Global (Europe), which provides CFD, forex and futures trading. In this review, we focus on the US-based entity and its services. 19/09/ · I've been with AMP for over 5 years 1. No experience with APIs. 2. Hit and miss on the quality, but you can get that with any broker. As for speed to queries they are lightning 25/04/ · Yes, I had no enough capital in the account (I begun with e) That's simply not enough capital to trade Futures. You should consider something like Forex where you can ... read more

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Contact him at Bartkasch at Affiliaterecovery DOT com. Risk Warning: Your capital is at risk. Invest in capital that is willing to expose such risks. Website: www. Real account. AMP Global Review 3. Real account Demo account. Deposit Withdrawal. AMP Global general information Founded in: year Headquarters:. English, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Deutsch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, French, Czech, Swede.

AMP Global Traders' Reviews. SPECIAL FEATURES. About the company I Accounts I Contacts I Reviews I Comparisons I Categories. AMP Global Forex broker description AMP Global Europe is a CySEC-regulated Forex, CFDs and Exchange-Traded Futures brokerage, run by AMP Global Group. Pros: The cheapest broker, free platforms, great customer service.

I am an italian trader, with over 20 years of trading experience. I worked in the past with many brokers. Commissions are very low, since they are also a clearing firm. They are my second broker. Hope they will add italian language support for thousands of italian traders the are still trading with ridiculous domestic brokers Check AMP on Elite Trader board the largest trading community.

Pros: Cheap. Good service. Great experience can you please make a video on how to scale in and scale out of a position using TradingView? I was told that you can't but learned on my own that you can. Please get someone who actually "Trades" to read this and make a video. I'm so sick of "salespeople" who don't trade. they only sell the product. Get a "trader" who uses TradingView to demonstrate how to "scale in" and "scale out" of multiple positions.

Cons: Incompetent customer service, fraudulent charges, misleading information. Good luck if you try to contact them about the fraudulent charges that make on your account because you will receive 0 response back from them.

Pros: Cheap commisions. lowest margins. I have been with AMP for years and I haven't used anybody else since day one. They have access to all the platforms, all the markets, excellent prices and great customer service and trading desks. Fast data, instant chat support, fast email support, competitive rates, no limited margin during overnight session, no cap on number of contracts for day trade.

Their liquidation day restarts arbitrarily or whenever they update their end of day account reports. They also charge all their fees during this time so you'll see a deduction to account total randomly sometime at night. There seems to be a bug that I'm still testing.

What that means is normally, you could close a position and the target and stop would close together. But if you add to an existing position and modify the stop and target quantities, you will have to cancel the target and stop before closing a position or it won't let you due to margin problems assuming you are over-leveraged like I am.

Their website is not newbie friendly but that should be the least of your concern as a trader. Very happy with them. Pros: low margins. Cons: Will stop you out during a fast run up if you went long. Will stop you out during a fast run up if you went long. But I am sure I had enough funds in my account at the time of the trade.

I looked at the trades the next day and the trades I made did not match up on my statement the fill prices and times were way off. Stay away from AMP they will take all your money one way or another. I am with amp for 8 years. AMP is fantastic!. Cheapest broker in the industry. A pleasure to work with.

All customer service should be this good. Pros: No Pros. Cons: Bad costumer service. The customer service is not good. When you call the hotline, no one can help you, all what they say is " write an email to the support team".

When I contacted the costumer service via Email, no one answered my question and they did not solve my problem at all. Pros: Cheap Commission, free platform. Cons: Steal money, close out loosing position. Bad customer service, when trying to investigate the stolen money no follow up or response. Cheap Commissions are great but have found them taking out my positions multiple times. Very unhappy and would not recommend it to anyone. stay away from them. Same situation as person above.

Pros: low commisions. Cons: horrible customer service. Still relatively new to AMP Global, just closed out my third week trading with them, and I am currently quite satisfied with executions, customer support, pricing, etc. thanks AMP!! Pros: For retail traders 1 choice.

I've been with Amp Global for nearly a year. I've been very happy with their commissions, margin requirements, execution, platform support. A great choice for the retail trader! Cons: hard to find support, clunky customer portal. I don't need to say much. The reps didn't care about me when I tried to get support. Went with stage5 after the mess I had with these people.

by Peter O. Pros: For retail traders they are hard to beat. Best free platforms on the market, low margins, the cheapest commisions out there. Cons: Everything. What can I say? You get what you pay for when you go with a shady broker like AMP futures. Good LUCK trying to get any support or getting a real human on the phone over there. What a chop shop! issues with execution. I have been using AMP for over 3 years with no issues. I still go back to Tradingview for my main platform for the charts and simple execution.

I like AMP Global. Perfect for me. Very cheap. The support professional very. I recommend them to all. Pros: Good solution very low commission. I opened account with Amp Global. So far love their set up with trading CFDs and real futures on one screen.

Pretty happy so far. Very professional and quick. Very low fees too. Pros: Cheapest pricing with futures forex and cfds. Cons: No stock trading. I just opened an account with Amp Global Europe. Pretty amazing conditions almost zero commission. Quotes from lmax but more liquidity and futures and mircro futures in the same account. I highly recommend Amp Global Europe. Pros: Great support, low commisions, all-in-one-platform markets: real futures, forex, cfd. Cons: Client portal sometimes is laggy.

Great customer service, very simple to use platform with all class assets, transparent fees. Zero commish. Cons: No stocks. I shopped around and found that AMP Global has the cheapest commissions and margins for E-micro Futures.

I just opened an account with them. Totally happy. Pros: Metatrader 5 for futures forex and cfd and cryptoin one account. Pretty rare solution all of fx, cfds, cryptos and REAL FUTURES on one screen. Using it now. I am very happy so far. Customer service is great too! Had a corrupt install. Went on AMP chat support.

The guy took his time to track down the problem and fix the install such that i am now able to receive CBOT SPX data. Extremely happy with AMP Global overall. Pros: Best commissions, free platforms, great custoer service.

Great quick service with AMP Global agent, spoke very calmly and addressed all my questions. He also took the time to inquire into the details of my account and corresponded with other departments in setting my platform. A lots of small brokers in the industry try to get high pay but not AMP. Their commissions are very low.

Simply professional company, simply the best in the industry. Pros: Absolutely None. What can I say you certainly get what you pay for. No one at that company knows what they are doing.

If you care at all about your money and where you put it, go somewhere else. Pros: No problem with they service. I just want to say what a professional company Amp Global is. They helped me with my trading problems so much. My friend recommended me to go to Amp Global and i never looked back. i like my commissions and the customer service 24 hours and how quickly they proces my deposits and withdrawals. Pros: Futures and forex in one account Metatrader 5. I would like to give a shout to Ampglobal.

com for giving me a non-us citizen an opportunity to get access to real exchange futures, forex, CFD and cryptos in one account and in one screen. I like metatrader 5 and I am pleased to trade futures on it.

I also like Amp Global commissions that are the lowest I could find anywhere, also their customer service is very fast and informative and helped me a big deal with setting up my MT5 with futures. Pros: No intactivitiy fees no extra fees at all. Cons: No stocks trading. Hello I am with amp trading for five years now. I would like to thank them for great customer service that always prompted and professional.

I especially the straight forward clear pricing with so many trading platforms it gives me the freedom to use any of them I want, using only my one account. Keep it up AMP. Pros: Very good service loving their choice of free platforms.

Cons: No stocks for me as well. Just want to say a few words about Amp Global Before Amp Global I was with interactive brokers. iIt was ok I guess , commissions little high and customer service little slow. My friend recommended me Amp Global and I never looked back. They are very quick to answer all my trading questions.

Pros: Futures and forex in one account very low pricing. I am AMP customer for couple of years. I am very happy with their service and commission. I use metatrader5 for futures only at first and now I opened European account and can trade futures and forex in one account and one screen.

I am extremely happy with their customer service and extremely low commissions. Cons: Withdrawals. I saw another posting on another board about problems getting withdrawals from AMP. Guess what? I'm still waiting on mine. It's been over a year. Would love to hear from anyone else having this problem. Watch to see how fast AMP employees will start entering good reviews after this post. Pros: Great choice of platfom, Free ACH In and Out, low-cost commissions. Cons: no crypto. Dozens of free platforms.

Very good technical service. The other day I had problems all morning with my MultiCharts platform, and AMP customer service helped out and got things working properly. Turns out MC doesn't like firewalls!. They fixed my platform problem in less than 2 minutes. Great job and very helpful!! Pros: Super low prices free platforms and customer services are great. Cons: No stocks and forex. hi there.

I wanted to recommend this firm. I have been trading off and on for over a decade. For the last 2 years I have been with AMP global. Very professional and technically savvy people. If I have questions I go on chat and get my answer in second. Very good company. Pros: Free professional platforms and extremely low commissions. Cons: Only futures. I opened an account with Amp Global in I have a few technical issues with my old platform.

Amp Global tech support suggested MultiCHarts. I am using Multicharts now and have been a happy customer since. I will recommend Amp Global to anybody. Pros: Metatrader 5 for futures with 20year historical data. I just discovered that Amp Global offers metatrader 5 for futures with historical data since !

It is a great present of us , backtesters. Plus the commissions at Amp Global are the lowest in the industy—keep up good work! Pros: Good commissions all-in , lot of free platforms, good customer service online chat.

Cons: No crypto, customer service via email is not that great. No fees for order modification or cancellation. NET and SierraChart. Only TD offers better customer service but much high commissions. I also had accounts with TradeStation and IB but closed them because their service really sucks I had read a lot of negative comments about AMP and also with other brokers I have an account with and I know their good service. I just gave AMP a try, and I am happy with AMP. Pros: Free quality platforms and good customer support.

I use TT platforms and MT5 for futures. I am very satisfied so far with their service. Customer support is very professional and quick. Amp got my vote! Pros: Responsive customer service, very low commissions and margins. I have used many brokerage firms in the past and talked to bunch of customer service folks but I think service level I am getting at AMP futures is just good. due to their interactive and instant response, my Sierra Chart platform skills Improved greatly.

Nobody has Sierra Chart for free-- no volume requirement etc.. Just free. Also metatrader5 for futures and Multicharts also free amazin… Absolutely best retail firm.

Cons: Staff is clueless. I get different answers on the same question every time I call in. They disclose no fees. They just add a ton of brokerage fees while keeping the "commission" part low STAY AWAY. Cons: no cryptocurrencies. I use them for a while now.

Very low margins. Commission are very nice. Excellent response and help at tracking down customers problems. I do use AMP help quite infrequently, but when I do their team has always been supremely efficient at locating the issue and assisting me to get back on. I would recommend them to anybody. Cons: No cryptocurrency trading. In my opinion it is the best retail brokers out there. They commissions are clear and transparent and the Cheapest.

I am an old AMP customer and visited their office in Chicago. I use Sierra Charts platform and loving it so far. I am starting to use Metatrader 5 for futures. Cons: Customer service, staff general lack on knowledge etc. If you HATE customer service of any kind, and LOVE being on hold all the time to then speak to people that have no clue about this industry, use these guys!

Pros: Great selection of free platforms that use CQG and awesome tech support. Cons: No crypto trading yet. I just recently started back trading and although AMP doesn't have crypto they do have all the majors and the excellent support staff to help you out.

I see some complaints here.. you guys are what i call operator error or lost in the woods.. these guys are top notch or they wouldn't be the largest brokerage house around. Just sayin. AMP thanks for all the support and keep up the good work. Pros: Super low commish with a great customer service and free platform including MT5 for futures and free sierrachart. Probably the best retail broker out there. Super low commish.

and great platforms to chose from. I use free Sierra Chart and Metatrader 5 for futures. I have been with 3 years with them. Best Support Team! They never leave you out in the cold before the problem or question isn´t solved. Quick, reliable and super friendly. Thank you AMP for your great work and support. Cons: trojan horse. they will get your money I promise you. one way or the other. my opinion they and cqg profile traders. make you a looser then trade against you every time.

trojan horse. you cannot win here. Cons: Zero Service. Pros: Cheap commission free ACH and timely withdrawals. Cons: I would like them add stocks and cryptocurrencie. Great firm. I have been with them for years—cheap commissions and many platforms to choose from. I see the previous undividual saying something about withdrawals he can not get out for months.

This is simply not true. Amp is regulated USA company. They wound not be in business if that was true. There are many competitors that trying to ruin good company reputation. Pros: CQG Data Feeds into Multiple platforms low comissions and AWESOME HELP DESK with LIVE people. Cons: No Bitcoin or ETF yet. I have had an account with AMP for years and love the service and the low low fees.

The guys on the helpdesk are always there to help you. And I have NEVER had a n issue moving funds in or out of their firm.

I've been trying to get a withdrawal from my account for months. These guys are shady as hell. How many others are having this issue? I can recommend them to anybody. Trading is stressful and I for example, yesterday, I called up very irritated and upset and AMP Customer service person handled me so professionally and got everythiing figured out and was so helpful.

Huge number of free platforms and USD margins are very helpful as well. Pros: Cheap Margin, Knowledgeable staff, Great customer service, Low commissions, Many platforms to choose from.

Cons: A good friend of mine could not open in BC. I have an account with AMP and so far i have been very happy with the service they provide. i see some people here say that AMP is no good. They are crazy. they would find fault with ice cream on a hot day lolol.

that being said i would recommend them to any trader anytime. Pros: Cheapest pricing. Large broker. No inactivity fees. Cons: Not trading crypto currencies. I visited them in Chicago. Big brokerage firm close to 50 maybe 70 people working there. They seemed quite busy. Good location and nice office. I opened account with them and very satisfied so far. Cons: They will not answer the most basic questions such; would my funds be safe if I deposit with you.

Cons: Everything else is con. Poor technology. Horrible customer service. Accounting errors. Bad attitude. Been with them for years but left recently for TD Ameritrade. Rather pay higher commission and get good customer service with honest accounting. Plus TOS technology is superior. It's a joke. Their customer portal is something out of MSDOS days. They do their own clearing. Which if that doesn't scare you, look up PFG Best. And they act like the Sopranos when you call.

Total OG attitude. Weird phone connections. Guys who don't want to give their names. Their accounting is always off. Double charges for CME. Or late statements. Look up PFG Best before they went down. Feels like the same weirdness. Strange accounting. Bad technology. The owner is really scared of these honest reviews so I'm sure he'll try to paper this over with some bogus 5 star review. But I read the other neg comments and wanted to add mine.

Pros: A-plus Customer Service. Cons: none. I spoke with Freddy B today about coming back to Amp. His patients and help were greatly appreciated. He took the time to educate me on features I was not aware. He is very knowledgeable and made me feel confident in giving this a try again.

He walked me through the transfer steps from my prev broker. Excellent customer service. Pros: Cheap to trade. Only recently joined Amp, having used four other brokers, but so far, so good, it's relatively cheap to trade and the support has been good thus far. It's a very basic workmanlike no-frills kinda place, but it's perfectly functional. Pros: low margin requirement. I love the low margin requirement and access to micro contracts. This has allowed me to trade the futures market at a beginner level without committing large amounts of capital to start.

Platform selection is wide and the information listed on the site is great. I definitely recommend AMP if you are a beginner looking to trade the futures market. Tradingview access sweetened the deal. Pros: extremely reliable trading. I used AMP 10 years ago when I was trading as a hobby. Now I am trading for a living and have returned to AMP simply because they offer downright excellent support, extremely reliable trading services at a such a low price that it makes other brokers look like robbers.

by Van. Pros: best customer support. From the very first contact with AMP I have had only good experience with them. Probably the best customer support I have ever experienced from any company in my life. Their response is quick and they know exactly what are you looking for and give you exactly that what you are asking. Due to very strict compliance regulation for financial institution they might require additional documents from you and processing of it may, sometimes take a while, but this is true for all regulated financial businesses.

Thank you AMP and keep good work! Pros: Cheapest commission, best free platforms and service. A fantastic broker. I have had excellent responsive service since opening my account with AMP a couple of years ago. All of my interactions with the team over at AMP have either met or exceeded my expectations. Communication regarding new products and the important need to know market information has been very good.

Bank transfers I have made have been processed very quickly which is a huge positive. Overall AMP is definitely a broker I would recommend. Pros: cheap. Cons: fraudulent Datafeeds, withdrawals complicated. When market is on the move you get delays in your charting, at least with CQG. On top of that, if you try to withdraw your funds they find reasons why they can't give it to you.

Pros: Execution, costs. Happy with AMP Global. I have been with them for a long time. They are well regulated both US and Europe. Their withdraw process is good. Solid leverage and good spreads. They're also cheap! Any questions I had were resolved relatively quickly.

They offer a lot of products and you can do any strategy. Customer service could be a little better but they have my recommendation.

I'm relatively new to AMP Global and done all my homework when choosing a broker. I have read all the reviews. With that said, I have been happy with their service thus far. Obviously they are competitive when it comes to pricing and they have a good selection of platform and data feed. No issues with execution and no issues with withdrawals. I've found a common "theme" in the negative reviews in which the "issue" was out of AMP's control and them just doing there regulatory due diligence and more so with the clients residency and banking system.

You can count me in with the happy and sincere customers. Cons: Cant withdraw funds. This is it. Pros: Cheapest commission, best free platforms. Amp has been very great to deal with. The Trading View platform is awesome, and works seamlessly with AMP.

Their Trading Desk is very easy to work with if you have an issue arise. They are VERY customer oriented. There is also a mobile platform that AMP has available, so you can trade from your tablet or smart phone, if you lose your desktop connection. Pros: Cheap, Great selection of platforms. AMP is very simple and easy to set up and to wire funds in or out of the account. Also good contract rates for trading. Connects to many of the trading platforms I use for trading futures and Forex.

Pros: NONE. Cons: Incompetent Service. I can only advise against this broker. As a customer you are only lied to and cheated. Without reason, fees are deducted every day and trades are calculated, which were never executed. Also, positions are closed without any reason and they just want to take your money away.

The customer service is cheeky and incompetent! Stay away from this broker! I expect a lot of bought positive reviews again after my review. I feel cheated by this broker. Pros: Well regulated, quality execution and services. Cons: None. I am very pleased that AMP Global launched in Europe and bringing an opportunity for non - US customers to trade Real Exchange - Traded Futures on the worlds Regulated futures exchanges.

To have these products available for trading along with Forex, Cfd's and Micros is a huge plus and a really unique and awesome solution. I think IB is the only other broker doing this but AMP Global is cheaper. Pros: the cheapest commission, free platforms. It was fairly hard to find a futures broker and clearing service for a client from my jurisdiction Belarus so AMP was a real savior. They work really fast, the help desk is very helpful and quick and you can get access to a CQG powered reliable trading platform just with USD deposit plus exchange data for very modest fees.

Would recommend them to anyone. Pros: Literally nothing. Cons: Arrogant customer support, unknowledgeable agents. Can't get anything done when the customers have to interact with human bots. No questions are answered and left in the dust. by Jarek W. Pros: Good platforms and data feed. I had a live chat session with an AMP customer service Rep the other day. I just want to let AMP know how pleased I was with the rep's knowledge and expertise in quickly resolving my problem.

He accurately diagnosed the problem regarding a code issue on my platform. The technical assistance and support from AMP was one of the best support experiences. Thank you! by Joe F. Pros: Fast service, great if u trade 4 a living.

AMP Futures Review 2022,Open Tradestation Account

AMP has also a legal entity based in the EU called AMP Global (Europe), which provides CFD, forex and futures trading. In this review, we focus on the US-based entity and its services. Everything needs to be done through email but when your ready to open an account ALL lines are magically opened and someone is there to help answer questions. This customer service is 25/04/ · Yes, I had no enough capital in the account (I begun with e) That's simply not enough capital to trade Futures. You should consider something like Forex where you can 24/10/ · AMP Trading is an unregulated brokerage that offers trading in forex and cryptocurrencies via the managed accounts listed above. It allegedly uses the MetaTrader 5 19/09/ · I've been with AMP for over 5 years 1. No experience with APIs. 2. Hit and miss on the quality, but you can get that with any broker. As for speed to queries they are lightning ... read more

Dan S. On top of that, if you try to withdraw your funds they find reasons why they can't give it to you. Amp Global tech support suggested MultiCHarts. See Best Alternative. Pros: Metatrader 5 for futures with 20year historical data. Deposit Withdrawal. Rest assured that we take data feed fees very seriously and will always work to ensure that our customers receive the best possible service and experience.

Cons: No cryptocurrency trading I can recommend them to anybody. Whatever idea you have in mind for a trading strategy, chances are you will be able to bring it to life in the excellent MT5 platform. We are sorry to hear that you had a negative experience working with our trade desk, amp futures and forex reviews. You get what you pay for when you go with a shady broker like AMP futures. Great quick service with AMP Global agent, spoke very calmly and addressed all my questions. Account opening at AMP Futures is fully digital and there is no minimum deposit. I shopped around and found that AMP Global has the cheapest commissions and margins for E-micro Futures.